In 2019 we’ll bring you even more of the top-notch training and learning opportunities that you’ve come to expect of Unrig Summit.

Whether you want to build your skill, connect with new people or learn more about a particular issue, we’ve got you covered. Plus, new for 2019, we’re excited to introduce deep-dive series on four critical issues that will take you from overview to advanced in just three days.

Here’s a preview of our program:

1. Build Your Skill with Hands-on Training

Whether you’re getting involved for the first time or are an experienced advocate, you’ll up your game through hands-on learning from experienced trainers and practitioners.

GET EMPOWERED TO: Lead and Win Campaigns, Run for Office, Build a Movement

  • Sample Session: How They Won
    2018 was an unprecedented year for democracy reform victories. Since last year’s Unrig Summit, participants have gone on to lead successful campaigns to stop gerrymandering in Michigan (Katie Fahey, Voters Not Politicians), re-enfranchise 1.4M Floridians (Desmond Meade, Florida Rights Restoration), and close the revolving door between lawmakers and lobbyists in Missouri (Sean Nicholson, Clean Missouri). Come to Nashville to learn directly from the leaders of stand-out campaigns and to become a part of the next wave of Unrig victories.

2. Connect With Peers at Networking Events

Successful movements are the result of people meeting one another where they are. Whether you prefer one-on-one conversation or connecting in larger groups, Unrig 2019 will have a variety of community-building and networking events for you to choose from.

YOU WILL: Get to Know People, Get Active and Get Beyond Partisanship.

  • Facilitated connection activities to break the ice
  • Regional and issue-oriented convenings so you can get connected and get to work
  • Nightly entertainment

3. Learn About the Issues with Expert Panels

Unrig Summit brings together the leading thinkers and doers in democracy reform to share their insights and level up your learning. And it doesn’t stop with smart people on stage. Our unrivaled community of fellow attendees represents the breadth and diversity of our movement, so we make sure to offer plenty of opportunities for you to share with and learn from each other.

LEARN MORE ABOUT: Gerrymandering, Money in Politics, Voting Rights, Dark Money and more.

  • Expert panels on key issues and opportunities
  • Masterclasses, where movement leaders and issue experts share advanced skills and strategies in a small group setting
  • The Unrig Unconference, where anyone can propose to lead a session and you can choose from dozens of talks and trainings presented by members of the Unrig community
  • Deep-dive series on pressing reform issues (read on for more info)


  • Women Breaking Barriers – How Getting Money Out of Politics Increases Representation
    Hear directly from the women leaders who are instrumental in the fight against corruption. This panel will explore the relationship between power, money, and a political structure that has systematically been exclusionary—and will showcase solutions that will push us forward.
  • Funding Structural Reform, an Investor’s Perspective
    This panel brings together an array of funders and philanthropists who invest in advocacy organizations and campaigns and will provide valuable information regarding what various type of funder/donor is looking for.

4. NEW for 2019: Deep Dives — A Three-Part Issue Focus

Gerrymandering, Ranked Choice Voting, Money in Politics, and Voting Rights

This year, four of the most active and impactful democracy reform issues will be getting a three-part “deep dive” treatment — so you can get up to speed, hear from the experts, and boost your advocacy skills.

In part one, attend an issue-specific crash course on the problem and how the people are fixing it. In part two, join a thought leadership panel with the best experts in the field. Finally, in part three, join a masterclass training led by the movement’s best advocates on how to win at home and across the country.

5. NPR’s StoryCorps At Unrig

StoryCorps will be recording at Unrig—and you’re invited to participate.

With the One Small Step Project, StoryCorps will be recording exclusive interviews at Unrig Summit about experiences that have shaped participants’ political viewpoints. These powerful stories will become part of history, archived in the Library of Congress.

To Apply: Complete Screening Questionnaire by Thursday, February 28. For more information about how to participate and apply, click below.