Unrig Summit is not your typical conference. It’s about setting aside the issues that divide us, and working together on an issue we can all agree about: the system is rigged, we must fix it, and if we work together, we can succeed. At Unrig the System Summit, we will not debate issues outside the spectrum of unrigging the system. We will, however, encourage candid, vibrant and respectful debate on the myriad issues that are related to unrigging the system.

Unrig is about sharing ideas, collaborating, building community and planning for the future. The summit brings together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to unrig our broken system. However, our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond any partisan affiliation. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, your participation is crucial to building a healthy movement – and movements find strength in relationship, in how we treat one another. At Unrig Summit we focus on solutions and what unites us. It will take all of us working together to make deep and lasting systemic change. These participant guidelines are designed to foster a productive and solutions-oriented environment, while respecting the diverse viewpoints and life experiences of those around us.

We do not seek to dictate behavior or limit expression, but we request that all participants read and honor the following guidelines, and think of them as a starting point for collaboration and community-building during the Summit.


  • Focus on the topic at hand: Challenging as it may be, we respectfully ask that all participants leave issues that divide us at the door. Instead participants should use this unique platform to focus on the issues that we do agree on, debate those issues candidly and vibrantly, and emerge with new strategies and tactics.
  • No partisan attacks: There is a time and place for partisan debate. Unrig the System is not that place. By setting aside a few days to focus on what unites us, rather than what divides us, we greatly increase our chances of success and progress.
  • Demonstrate respect for others at all times: Effective sharing and learning can only take place when interactions are built on a foundation of respect for others. It will never be acceptable to insult others or demonstrate disrespect, even in moments of philosophical disagreement and passionate exchange. Please refrain from side conversations while others are speaking, and honor the posted schedule by arriving promptly for sessions so that others are not made to wait.
  • Share first, debate later: Many among us possess strong beliefs on matters of politics, advocacy, and community. While we endorse debate as a key component of building understanding, we ask that participants focus on finding common ground for sharing during sessions, andexcept when encouragedendeavor to debate “offline,” outside of sessions, with others who welcome the debate.
  • Include everyone in the circle: The Summit should not be viewed as a competition to prove who is most knowledgeable, but rather as an opportunity to broaden our networks of skill, collaboration, and understanding. Strive to ensure that no one is left out; introduce yourself to strangers early and often, and speak in language that is accessible to all. In particular, please define acronyms and technical jargon as you use them.
  • Ask questions early and often: The Summit is convened specifically for the benefit of those who need to know more about the most promising solutions and initiatives to Unrig the System. Participants should feel free to ask any question at any time; there is no such thing as a “stupid question.”
  • Embrace a spirit of sharing: We believe that everyone is an expert in their own realm, and encourage each participant to contribute their wisdom. Breaking down barriers between the vague notions of “novice” and “expert” will be the order of the day; all of us know something, and none of us knows everything.
  • Help us realize the full potential of this gathering: Our goal is to better understand how to build a movement to strengthen and restore our republic. Our belief is that relationship-building and dialogue are fundamental parts of realizing this goal. As you share and learn from others, be mindful that we are trying to discern what works and what doesn’t in peer-to-peer exchanges of skill and knowledge. If we can better learn how to learn while simultaneously teaching others how to teach, our time together will be well spent.

Please Note: Event Management reserves the right to remove any Summit participant at any point if they engage in any activity that may violate the Unrig Code of Conduct. Event Management has empowered all activity moderators, room moderators, event staff, and Music City Center staff and officials to enforce the Code of Conduct and to report any incidents to the Event Coordinator. Please note that in the event of any security, medical, or other emergency incident, or of any incident or behavior that may violate the Code of Conduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct, attendees are strongly encouraged to immediately notify either the Unrig Info Desk or the nearest RepresentUs staff member (blue shirts) or Event Volunteer (red shirts).

In addition, in order to protect the privacy and personal safety of Unrig attendees, incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct can also be reported by emailing unrigsecurity@represent.us. Please note that Event Management will promptly relay all reported incidents or allegations of unlawful behavior to local law enforcement in accordance with applicable laws.