3 days. 2 nights. 1 vision: Unrig the system

Unrig Spotlight is the premier right-left event to solve America’s political crisis.

We bring together the anti-corruption movement to tackle gerrymandering, money in politics, voting reform, and more. Come hear from the leaders of the 2020 campaigns working to unrig the system.

With powerful speakers, inspiring leaders, and world-class entertainment, you’ll learn how corruption affects every issue you care about and how you can get involved to fix America’s corruption crisis.

May 15-17 2020 | Miami, FL

Why Unrig?

Come meet the grassroots leaders fighting to fix our broken political system, learn how you can use your skills to make a difference, and get involved in the democracy reform movement.

You’ll be challenged by unexpected perspectives, discover new solutions to the biggest issues facing America today, and learn hard-won lessons from real grassroots heroes.

Featured Speakers

We’ve pulled together the most inspiring and energizing presenters from across the political spectrum into a program that will leave you fired up and ready to win.

The Spotlight

Unrig Spotlight features an all-day lineup on one mainstage
supported by a breakout room
with highly-curated trainings and connection-building activities.


The mainstage will feature an all-day lineup of speakers, conversations, performances and trainings with an eye on the 2020 election for the anti-corruption movement. We’ll be spotlighting key campaigns tackling gerrymandering, ranked-choice voting, voting access and more.


The breakout room will present dynamic and interactive trainings and workshops to complement the mainstage and build the movement’s skills.


Unrig has always been about bringing together the democracy reform movement. There will be designated time throughout the weekend for attendees to connect, collaborate, and advance solutions together.


Limited Income

Includes access
to all events and



Includes access
to all events and



This ticket covers the full
unsubsidized cost for your
ticket, and funds one
scholarship registration
for someone else

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Unrigged Live!

New World Center

Miami Beach, Florida

A Frank Gehry-designed facility featuring a variety of flexible spaces, cutting edge production technology, abundant natural light, and views of the Miami Beach Art Deco skyline. Unrigged Live! and mainstage programming will take place in the New World Center’s performance hall: a multimedia-enabled and highly configurable space which has attracted international recognition for its technical capabilities and acoustics.


Travel to Miami is easy, with direct flights and connections to Miami International Airport.
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Expand your Unrig experience and stay near other attendees in an Unrig hotel block.

South Beach

South Beach is famous for its bright Art Deco architecture, energetic nightlife, and beautiful beaches.
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